Disseminating Your Company Brand Among Society

In this day and age, simply making a profit is not enough to sustain a company long term; a company also needs to be well known among the general public. Essentially, the ‘brand’ has to be popular. For instance, good branding has led to the universal recognisability of certain fizzy drinks the moment their colour schemes are displayed, such as the iconic white lettering on a red background. In order to properly disseminate a brand among the public, the company must have a marketing and/or branding campaign, which typically includes the following elements:

ATL and BTL Advertising
In traditional methods of advertising, ATL or Above the Line advertising means deliberate advertising of the product or service such as full page advertisements in newspapers or commercials on television. These are obvious marketing of the product or service. BTL stands for Below the Line advertising, which is more subtle but is still clearly an advertising strategy. For instance, companies will sponsor street signs or the uniforms of popular sports teams in order to display their name alongside it and bring visibility to their brand. Both these methods of advertising are aimed at bringing more visibility to the brand.

Digital Marketing
A form of marketing that has been slowly taking over since the advent of the internet, digital marketing has the potential to reach a wider, more international audience as there are no boundaries on the internet. Specialized careers within the digital marketing field exist in order to concentrate and prioritize the branding process: seo consultants ensure that this particular brand will always be at the top of search results; social media analysts will put up posts on social media in relation to the brand and boost engagement with potential clients and stakeholders; and web designers and analysts will work on the official websites to make it as attractive as possible to customers and clients.
Other positions in addition to seo consultants, social media analysts and web designers and developers also work in tandem to further the brand among the internet.

PR Campaigns
Public Relations is an important field of operations especially for a company that provides a service vs. a product, although PR is useful for anyone. This basically involves building the brand image through the eyes of the outsiders. For instance, a PR coordinator would invite a few journalists to a cocktail party held for the executives and shareholders of a company, and gently push for a feature article in a newspaper or magazine or do the latest way instagram marketing. Or he/she will release a statement to the press (known as a press release) to announce the launch of some new product or the occurrence of a special event. PR tactics also include CSR campaigns in order to build a brand image that is not directly associated with ‘selling’ it; by associating the brand with a social development project, the brand gains more complexity, validity and currency.